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Here's Amazing Blogs
Read Blogs here in urdu, english, pashto and other languages. in this page we share ideas of peoples in peoples.
we investigate many social problims in world and share here like. see the cultures of many areas of world wide.
describing social problims.
Take a Breath of past and future of the Geological, Political, peoples behaviour and Envoirnment Changes of the world. how to resolve the problims of the world.
how to survive in Disasters.
whats need of the world against global disasters and how to control it. how come peace in country's.
whats required solution of problims in pakistan.
and much more. must login and share our blogs with other peoples.
Top Blogs
COVID-19, last Address of Muhammad(SA), whats Aflatoon(Arisotle) say
How to start freelancing on Upwork

world of Learning Binaries.
Learn many programming languages.
here we share most Tutorials of programming language you can learn programming here.
this tutorials is shared by most experienced computer scientest, software engeeneirs, web deveolpers, and software deveolpers.
we share tutorial like how to make games, how to hack, how to access memory, how to code injections, whats AI how its works, whats MI, how to build and much more.
some piece of codes about functions, class, objects, variables, arrays, lists, Pointers of many languages like c++, python, java, ruby, php, javascript, c, Kotlin, c#, swift 4, SQL and etc.
Learn responsive web design, Website Deveolpememnt like angular, Django, Express.js, flask, .NET and etc, also learn Jquery, React. we provide quizes, tests, practical of codes.
here we solving many programming problems. copy the code run in your machine. if you like than send a comment. must login and share our codes in peoples.
Top Tutorials
C++ strings Definition Angular Pipes C++: STRUCTER C++ Function Recursion
Documents Services
here is Documentation services which can easy to manage your documents, Property Transfer, NADRA KIOSK, filling Online Forms, Online Learning System, Stamp Paper, Affidavit, University & College Undertaking, G.P Fund Undertaking, Indemnity Bond, Zakat Declaration, Heirship Certificate, Sale Agreement, Tenancy Agreement, Sale Deed, Transfer Deed, Job Application, CV, Court Matters, Domicile, PRC, Attestation, etc.
if you want to manage your work with us than contact with us in email, whatsapp, sending a message from contact page or directly call from phone more in abouts page.
this is helpfull site for organizing your documents in easy way.
Learning Islamic Teaching.
Learn islam from qualified Teachers.
we can manage teacher for your Kids & Adults to learn Quran and other islamic teaching easily.
we have some qualified teacher whos know how to teaching online and can operat pc and mobile devices. the teacher can manage live on pc and other devices.
the teacher can speak many languages.
here is some main features, Memorization Of Quran, Qirat Classes, Qualified Teachers (Hafiz And Experience Of Teaching In Recognized Islamic Schools), Female Teachers Available, One To One Live Quran Classes, Ability To Hide Video Of Student, Revise Hifz-E-Quran, Essential Islamic Teachings For Ladies, Noorani Quaida, Masnoon Duaian, etc.
signup or Login and regiser your student now!
Spread the Teaching
Learn islamic Teaching
GET Random Strings.
Create a randoms
Create a random strings, integers, symbols, etc. every generated strings is defferent from each random.
you can set this strings as passowrds, activation codes, slugs, file names, etc. for more flexiblity and security. select limit and choose your filters like only integers or integers and strings combination or symbols included strings after generating copy your randoms and use (:

HTML entities
Convert special characters to HTML entities.
Convert special characters to thier HTML Entitys. this is use for Like inserting special characters in a DATABASE Table. we can not store special symbols in database because thier is some security problims. therefore we convert it in HTML Entity. paste your text containing special characters and copy your HTML entities text.