c++-Creating Pointers

c++-Creating Pointers
  12 April 2021
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Example explained Create a pointer variable with the name ptr, that points to a string variable, by using the asterisk sign * (string* ptr). Note that the type of the pointer has to match the type of the variable you're working with. Use the
using namespace std;

    int x = 5;
    int* p;
    p = &x;
    cout << p << endl;
    cout << ++p;
    cout << "chars" << endl;
    float a = 0.1;
    float* b = &a;
    cout << b++ << endl;
    cout << b << endl;

A pointer however, is a variable that stores the memory address as its value. A pointer variable points to a data type (like int or string) of the same type, and is created with the * operator. The address of the variable you're working with is assigned to the pointer:
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