The last Address of Muhammad (SA).

The last Address of Muhammad (SA).
  8 May 2021
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"All glory be to Allah. There is no god but Allah and Muhammad (Sal-Allah-u-Alaihe Waalehi Wasallam) is the prophet of Allah" rose the cry from the heart of the prophet and mingled with the vast expanse of the desert of Arabia.
Madina-munawra Saudi-Arabia
Muhammad (Sal-Allah-u-Alaihe Waalehi Wasallam) was born on Monday, the 12th Rabiual Awwal (20th April in the year A.D 571). He belonged to the family of Quraish, the nobility of Arabia. His family is traced back to Hazrat Ismail (AS) and Ibrahim (AS). His parents died by the time he was six years of age. His grandfather, Abdul Muttalib, took charge of him but he also died soon. Now the responsibility of looking after the Prophet (Sal-Allah-u-Alaihe Waalehi Wasallam) grew up to be so honourable and trustworthy that people called him Al-Amin.
The Prophet (Sal-Allah-u-Alaihe Waalehi Wasallam) used to retire to and pray in a cave in Mount Hira for some days every year. During the last days of Ramazan, the most wonderful thing happened to him. Through the angel Gabriel, Allah revealed to him the true religion, Islam_ the belief in the total submission to One, True and the Only Allah, the most Merciful and the Mighty.
Thereafter, the Prophet (Sal-Allah-u-Alaihe Waalehi Wasallam) spared no effort in preaching the true religion. He suffered great hardships, but nothing could move him from his chosen path. Hundreds of people embraced Islam at the hands of the noblest of men.
When the Prophet (Sal-Allah-u-Alaihe Waalehi Wasallam) realized that his end was drawing near, he felt the intense need of conveying to the people his final message. Before performing his last pilgrimage at Makkah, he decided to address the faithful. While riding on a she-camel near the Jabalul Arafat, the Prophet (Sal-Allah-u-Alaihe Waalehi Wasallam) spoke these unforgettable words, on the 9th day of Zul Hijja, to the assembled people.

"Listen to my words for I do not know whether I shall be granted another year to be amongst you. Your lives and property are a sacred trust amongst yourselves until you appear before the Lord, and remember you shall have to appear before your Lord, who shall demand from you an account of all your actions. You have rights over your wives and your wives have rights over you. Treat them with kindness and affections. Be faithful to each other and do not Commit sins. Interest on the loans is forbidden to you. No murders committed during the days of ignorance (Jahiliyyat) are to be avenged. Do not forget that every Muslim should be truly a brother to every other Muslim. There is no preference for the Arab over the non-Arab or the non-Arab or the non-Arab over the Arab. Feed and clothe your slaves with such food as you eat yourselves and with such clothes as you wear yourselves. If they commit a fault, which you find hard to forgive, let them go away and do not treat them harshly. Be kind and just to everyone. O' people! Have I fulfilled my mission?" "in truth you have," replied the hundred thousands mouths of the pilgrims. O' Allah, be thou my witness," said the Prophet (Sal-Allah-u-Alaihe Waalehi Wasallam).

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